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About the Kaspersky Security Center failover cluster

14 April 2024

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A Kaspersky Security Center failover cluster provides high availability of Kaspersky Security Center and minimizes downtime of Administration Server in case of a failure. The failover cluster is based on two identical instances of Kaspersky Security Center installed on two computers. One of the instances works as an active node and the other one is a passive node. The active node manages protection of the client devices, while the passive one is prepared to take all of the functions of the active node in case the active node fails. When a failure occurs, the passive node becomes active and the active node becomes passive.

Hardware and software requirements

To deploy a Kaspersky Security Center failover cluster, you must have the following hardware:

  • Two computers with identical hardware and software. These computers will act as the active and passive nodes.
  • A file server that supports the CIFS/SMB protocol, version 2.0 or later. You must provide a dedicated computer that will act as a file server.

    Make sure you have provided high network bandwidth between the file server, and the active and passive nodes.

  • A computer with Database Management System (DBMS).

Switch conditions

The failover cluster switches protection management of the client devices from the active node to the passive node if any of the following events occurs on the active node:

  • The active node is broken due to a software or hardware failure.
  • The active node was temporarily stopped for maintenance activities.
  • At least one of the Kaspersky Security Center services (or processes) failed or was deliberately terminated by user. The Kaspersky Security Center services are the following ones: kladminserver, klnagent, klactprx, and klwebsrv.
  • The network connection between the active node and the storage on the file server was interrupted or terminated.

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