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Backup copying and restoration of Administration Server data

14 April 2024

ID 3667_1

Data backup allows you to move Administration Server from one device to another without data loss. Through backup, you can restore data when moving the Administration Server database to another device, or when upgrading to a newer version of Kaspersky Security Center.

Note that the installed management plug-ins are not backed up. After you restore Administration Server data from a backup copy, you need to download and reinstall plug-ins for managed applications.

Before you back up the Administration Server data, check whether a virtual Administration Server is added to the administration group. If a virtual Administration Server is added, make sure that an administrator is assigned to this virtual Administration Server before the backup. You cannot grant the administrator access rights to the virtual Administration Server after the backup. Note that if the administrator account credentials are lost, you will not be able to assign a new administrator to the virtual Administrator Server.

You can create a backup copy of Administration Server data in one of the following ways:

  • By creating and running a data backup task through Administration Console.
  • By running the klbackup utility on the device that has Administration Server installed. This utility is included in the Kaspersky Security Center distribution kit. After the installation of Administration Server, the utility is located in the root of the destination folder specified at the application installation.

The following data is saved in the backup copy of Administration Server:

  • Database of Administration Server (policies, tasks, application settings, events saved on the Administration Server).
  • Configuration details of the structure of administration groups and client devices.
  • Repository of distribution packages of applications for remote installation.
  • Administration Server certificate.

Recovery of Administration Server data is only possible using the klbackup utility.

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