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Excluding accounts from two-step verification

14 April 2024

ID 211462

You can exclude user accounts from two-step verification if you have the Modify object ACLs right in the General features: User permissions functional area.

If a user account is excluded from the list of two-step verification for all users, this user does not have to use two-step verification.

Excluding accounts from two-step verification can be necessary for service accounts that cannot pass the security code during authentication.

If you want to exclude some user accounts from two-step verification:

  1. You must perform Active Directory polling in order to refresh the list of Administration Server users, if you want to exclude Active Directory accounts.
  2. In the main menu, click the settings icon () next to the name of the required Administration Server.

    The Administration Server properties window opens.

  3. On the Authentication security tab of the properties window, in the two-step verification exclusions table click the Add button.
  4. In the window that opens:
    1. Select the user accounts that you want to exclude.
    2. Click the OK button.

The selected user accounts are excluded from two-step verification.

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