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About multi-tenant applications

8 July 2024

ID 184784

Kaspersky Security Center enables administrators of service providers and tenant administrators to use Kaspersky applications with multitenancy support. After a multi-tenant Kaspersky application is installed in the infrastructure of a service provider, tenants can start using the application.

To separate tasks and policies related to different tenants, you must create a dedicated virtual Administration Server in Kaspersky Security Center for each tenant. All tasks and policies for multi-tenant applications running for a tenant must be created for the Managed devices administration group of the virtual Administration Server corresponding to that tenant. The tasks created for the administration groups related to the primary Administration Server do not affect the devices of tenants.

Unlike service provider administrators, a tenant administrator can create and view tasks and application policies only for the devices of the corresponding tenant. The sets of tasks and policy settings available to service provider administrators and tenant administrators are different. Some of the tasks and policy settings are not available to tenant administrators.

Within a hierarchical structure of a tenant, the policies created for multi-tenant applications are inherited to lower-level administration groups as well as to upper-level administration groups: the policy is propagated to all client devices that belong to the tenant.

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