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Managing Exchange ActiveSync mobile devices

14 April 2024

ID 64779

This section describes advanced features for management of EAS devices through Kaspersky Security Center.

In addition to management of EAS devices by means of commands, the administrator can use the following options:

  • Create management profiles for EAS devices, assign them to users' mailboxes. EAS device management profile is a policy of Exchange ActiveSync that is used on a Microsoft Exchange server to manage EAS devices. In an EAS device management profile, you can configure the following groups of settings:
    • User password management settings
    • Mail synchronization settings
    • Restrictions on the use of the mobile device features
    • Restrictions on the use of mobile applications on the mobile device

    Depending on the mobile device model, settings of a management profile can be applied partially. The status of an Exchange ActiveSync policy that has been applied can be viewed in the mobile device properties.

  • View information about the settings of EAS device management. For example, in the mobile device properties, the administrator can view the time of the last synchronization with a Microsoft Exchange server, the EAS device ID, the Exchange ActiveSync policy name and its current status on the mobile device.
  • Disconnect EAS devices from management if they are out of use.
  • Define the settings of Active Directory polling by the Exchange Mobile Device Server, which allows updating the information about users' mailboxes and mobile devices.

In this section

Adding a management profile

Removing a management profile

Handling Exchange ActiveSync policies

Configuring the scan scope

Working with EAS devices

Viewing information about an EAS device

Disconnecting an EAS device from management

User's rights to manage Exchange ActiveSync mobile devices

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