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Ensuring that the Kaspersky Security Center Administration Server has the permissions to work with AWS

8 April 2024

ID 160141

The standards for operating in the Amazon Web Services cloud environment prescribe that a special IAM role be assigned to the Administration Server instance for working with AWS services. An IAM role is an IAM entity that defines the set of permissions for execution of requests to AWS services. The IAM role provides the permissions for cloud segment polling and installation of applications on instances.

After you create an IAM role and assign it to the Administration Server, you will be able to deploy protection of instances by using this role, without providing any additional information to Kaspersky Security Center.

However, it may be advisable to not create an IAM role for the Administration Server in the following cases:

  • The devices whose protection you plan to manage are EC2 instances within the Amazon Web Services cloud environment but the Administration Server is outside of the environment.
  • You plan to manage the protection of instances not only within your cloud segment but also within other cloud segments that were created under a different account in AWS. In this case, you will need an IAM role only for the protection of your cloud segment. An IAM role will not be needed to protect another cloud segment.

In these cases, instead of creating an IAM role you will need to create an IAM user account, that will be used by Kaspersky Security Center to work with AWS services. Before starting to work with the Administration Server, create an IAM user account with an AWS IAM access key (hereinafter also referred to as IAM access key).

Creation of an IAM role or IAM user account requires the AWS Management Console. To work with the AWS Management Console, you will need a user name and password from an account in AWS.

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