Kaspersky Security Center

Saving a file from repositories to disk

8 April 2024

ID 12592

Kaspersky Security Center allows you to save on a disk copies of files that a security application placed in Quarantine or Backup on a client device. Files are copied to the device with Kaspersky Security Center installed, to the specified folder.

To save a copy of file from Quarantine or Backup to a hard drive:

  1. In the console tree, select the Repositories folder, the Quarantine or Backup subfolder.
  2. In the workspace of the Quarantine (Backup) folder, select a file that you want to copy to the hard drive.
  3. Start copying in one of the following ways:
    • By selecting Save to Disk in the context menu of the file.
    • By clicking the Save to Disk link in the information box for the selected file.

The security application that placed the file in Quarantine on the client device will save a copy of that file to the specified folder.

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