About user accounts

17 June 2024

ID 225606

Kaspersky Security Center Cloud Console allows you to manage user accounts and groups of accounts. The application supports two types of accounts:

  • Accounts of organization employees. Administration Server retrieves data of the accounts of those local users when polling the organization's network.
  • Accounts of internal users of Kaspersky Security Center Cloud Console. You can create accounts of internal users on the portal. These accounts are used only within Kaspersky Security Center Cloud Console.

To view tables of user accounts and security groups:

  1. In the main menu, go to Users & rolesUsers & groups.
  2. Select the Users or the Groups tab.

The table of users or security groups opens. By default, the opened table is filtered by the Subtype and Has assigned roles columns. The table displays internal users or groups that have assigned roles.

If you want to view the table with only the accounts of local users, set the Subtype filter criteria to Local.

If you switch to a secondary Administration Server version 14.2 or earlier, and then open the list of users or security groups, the opened table will be filtered only by the Subtype column. The filter by the Has assigned roles column will not be applied by default. The filtered table will contain all internal users or security groups with the assigned role and without it.

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