Licensing of Kaspersky applications for MSPs

21 May 2024

ID 153950

Kaspersky Security Center Cloud Console enables you to perform centralized distribution of license keys for Kaspersky applications on your customers' devices, monitor their use, and renew licenses.

If you manage several tenants, you can distribute license keys in the following ways:

  • One license key for all of the tenants.
  • An individual license key for each tenant.

To distribute license keys to your customers' devices:

  1. Add the required license keys to the Administration Server repository.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • Configure automatic distribution of a license key.

      In this case, Kaspersky Security Center Cloud Console selects one of the applicable license keys and automatically deploys it every time a new device is discovered.

    • Configure the Add a key task to distribute a license key to devices.

      When configuring the task, you select the license key that must be deployed to devices and select the administration group that contains the required devices.

      One task can distribute only one license key. This means that if you want to distribute several license keys, you must create a task for each of them.

The Kaspersky applications installed on your customers' devices are activated.

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