Creating installation packages for Kaspersky applications

17 June 2024

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To deploy Kaspersky applications on networked devices in your organization, you must create installation packages of Kaspersky applications in Kaspersky Security Center Cloud Console.

To create a Kaspersky application installation package:

  1. Do one of the following:
    • In the main menu, go to Discovery & deployment → Deployment & assignmentInstallation packages.
    • In the main menu, go to Operations → RepositoriesInstallation packages.

    You can also view notifications about new packages in the list of onscreen notifications. If there are notifications about a new package, you can click the link next to the notification and proceed to the list of available installation packages.

    A list of installation packages available on the Administration Server is displayed.

  2. Click Add.

    The New package wizard starts. Proceed through the wizard by using the Next button.

  3. Select Create an installation package for a Kaspersky application.

    A list of distribution packages available on Kaspersky web servers appears.

  4. Click the name of a distribution package, for example, Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Windows (<version number>).

    A window opens with information about the distribution package.

  5. Read the information and click the Download and create installation package button.

    If a distribution package cannot be automatically converted to an installation package, the Download distribution package button is displayed instead of the Download and create installation package button. In this case, download the distribution package, and then use the downloaded file to create a custom installation package.

    The download of the installation package starts. You can close the wizard's window or proceed to the next step of the instruction. If you close the wizard's window, the download process will continue in background mode.

    If you want to track an installation package download process:

    1. In the main menu, go to OperationsRepositoriesInstallation packagesIn progress ().
    2. Track the operation progress in the Download progress column and the Download status column of the table.

    When the process is complete, the installation package is added to the list on the Downloaded tab. If the download process stops and the download status switches to Accept EULA, then click the installation package name, and then proceed to the next step of the instruction.

    If you plan to perform migration from Kaspersky Security Center Web Console to Kaspersky Security Center Cloud Console and your organization's security regulations require the use of proxy when accessing the corporate network, this may affect the migration process. After you create a Network Agent installation package, you must specify the proxy settings to ensure connection between the Network Agent instances on managed devices and your Kaspersky Security Center Cloud Console workspace:

    1. Click the installation package name.
    2. In the installation package properties window that opens, go to the Settings tab.
    3. Open the Connection section.
    4. Select the Use proxy server option and fill in the Proxy server address and Proxy server port fields.
  6. For some Kaspersky applications, during the download process the Show EULA button is displayed. If it is displayed, do the following:
    1. Click the Show EULA button to read the End User License Agreement (EULA).
    2. Read the EULA, which is displayed on the screen, and click the Accept button.

      The download continues after you accept the EULA. If you click Decline, the download is stopped.

  7. When the download is complete, click the Close button () to close the window with information about the distribution package.

The installation package is created. The installation package appears in the list of installation packages.

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