General task settings and properties

12 February 2024

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This section contains the settings that you can view and configure for most of your tasks. The list of settings available depends on the task you are configuring.

Settings specified during task creation

You can specify the following settings when creating a task. Some of these settings can also be modified in the properties of the created task.

  • Devices to which the task will be assigned:
    • Assign task to an administration group
    • Specify device addresses manually or import addresses from a list
    • Assign task to a device selection
  • Account settings:
    • Default account
    • Specify account
  • Operating system restart settings:
    • Do not restart
    • Restart the device
    • Prompt user for action
    • Repeat prompt every (min)
    • Restart after (min)
    • Force closure of applications in blocked sessions

Settings specified after task creation

You can specify the following settings only after a task is created.

  • Group task settings:
    • Distribute to subgroups
    • Distribute to secondary and virtual Administration Servers
  • Task scheduling settings:
    • Scheduled start setting:
      • Manually
      • Every N minutes
      • Every N hours
      • Every N days
      • Every N weeks
      • Daily (daylight saving time is not supported)
      • Weekly
      • By days of week
      • Monthly
      • Every month on specified days of selected weeks
      • When new updates are downloaded to the repository
      • On virus outbreak
      • On completing another task
    • Run missed tasks
    • Use automatically randomized delay for task starts
    • Use randomized delay for task starts within an interval of (min)
    • Turn on devices by using the Wake-on-LAN function before starting the task (min)
    • Shut down the devices after completing the task
    • Stop the task if it runs longer than (min)
  • Notifications:
    • Store task history block:
      • Save all events
      • Save events related to task progress
      • Save only task execution results
      • Store in the Administration Server database for (days)
      • Store in the OS event log on device
    • Notify of errors only
    • Notify by email
  • Task scope settings
  • Exclusions from scope
  • Revision history

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