Exporting a report to a file

15 July 2024

ID 176429

You can save one or multiple reports as XML, HTML, or as a PDF. Kaspersky Security Center Cloud Console allows you to export up to 10 reports to files of the specified format at the same time.

To export a report to a file:

  1. In the main menu, go to Monitoring & reporting → Reports.
  2. Choose the reports that you want to export.

    If you choose more than 10 reports, the Export report button will be disabled.

  3. Click the Export report button.
  4. In the opened window, specify the following export parameters:
    • File name.

      If you select one report to export, specify the report file name.

      If you select more than one report, the report file names will coincide with the name of the selected report templates.

    • Maximum number of entries.

      Specify the maximum number of entries included in the report file. The default value is 10,000.

    • File format.

      Select the report file format: XML, HTML, or PDF. If you export multiple reports, all selected reports are saved in the specified format as separate files.

  5. Click the Export report button.

The report is saved to a file in the specified format.

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