Protection deployment wizard

15 July 2024

ID 178756

To install Kaspersky applications, you can use the Protection deployment wizard. The Protection deployment wizard enables remote installation of applications either through specially created installation packages or directly from a distribution package.

The Protection deployment wizard performs the following actions:

  • Downloads an installation package for application installation (if it was not created earlier). The installation package is located at Discovery & deploymentDeployment & assignmentInstallation packages. You can use this installation package for the application installation in the future.
  • Creates and runs a remote installation task for specific devices or for an administration group. The newly created remote installation task is stored in the Tasks section. You can later start this task manually. The task type is Install application remotely.

In this section

Starting Protection deployment wizard

Step 1. Selecting the installation package

Step 2. Selecting Network Agent version

Step 3. Selecting devices

Step 4. Specifying the remote installation task settings

Step 5. Restart management

Step 6. Removing incompatible applications before installation

Step 7. Moving devices to Managed devices

Step 8. Selecting accounts to access devices

Step 9. Starting installation

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