Automatic installation of application patches

13 December 2023

ID 90579

Kaspersky Security Center lets you automatically download and install Kaspersky Security application patches on SVMs.

Patches are automatically downloaded from the Kaspersky Security Center Administration Server storage when the application database update package is downloaded.

Patches are installed using the automatic patch installation task.

This task installs patches on the SVMs on which these patches have not yet been installed. In addition, it also checks the operation of Kaspersky Security on each SVM after the patches are installed. If problems are detected, the patch installation is automatically rolled back.

When patches are being installed, protection of virtual machines and scan tasks are paused.

After a patch is installed on an SVM, the new version number of the SVM is displayed in reports and events of Kaspersky Security Center.

If errors occur in the application after a patch is installed, you can manually roll back patch installation on SVMs. For more detailed information, please contact Technical Support experts.

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Configuring automatic downloading and installation of patches

Creating an automatic patch installation task

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