Creating a virtual Administration Server for a tenant

13 December 2023

ID 58070

The actions described in this section must be performed only if you are using the application in multitenancy mode.

A virtual Administration Server is required to manage protection of virtual machines that are part of Cloud Director organization.

The virtual Administration Server must be created in the administration group, which contains the "VMware Cloud Director Agentless" cluster, in the Administration Servers subfolder. The cluster must match the VMware Cloud Director server that manages the Cloud Director organization containing tenant virtual machines.

To create a virtual Administration Server of Kaspersky Security Center:

  1. In Kaspersky Security Center Administration Console, in the Managed devices folder, select the administration group that contains the "VMware Cloud Director Agentless" cluster and then select the Administration Servers subfolder.
  2. In the workspace of the Administration Servers folder, click the Add virtual Administration Server link.

    The New Virtual Administration Server Wizard starts.

  3. At the first step of the Wizard, specify the name of the created virtual Administration Server.

    The name of a virtual Administration Server cannot contain more than 255 characters or the following special characters: " * < > ? \ : |.

    Proceed to the next step of the wizard.

  4. Please specify the Kaspersky Security Center Administration Server address on which the virtual administration server is created, and proceed to the next step of the Wizard.
  5. Specify the account that the tenant administrator will use to connect to the virtual Administration Server. You can specify a previously created account of an internal user of Kaspersky Security Center or create an account by using the Create button.

    Proceed to the next step of the wizard.

  6. Start the creation of the virtual Administration Server by clicking Next.
  7. At the next step, clear the All packages check box (installation packages are not required for application operation), proceed to the next step, and finish the Wizard.

A node named Administration Server – <Virtual Server name> will be created in the console tree.

For more details about working with virtual Administration Servers, please refer to the Kaspersky Security Center documentation.

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