Upgrading from a previous version of the application

13 December 2023

ID 67104

You can upgrade Kaspersky Security for Virtualization 6.0 Agentless to Kaspersky Security for Virtualization 6.1 Agentless. Upgrading of earlier Kaspersky Security versions to version 6.1 is not provided.

Before starting the application update, you need to do the following:

  • Prepare SVM images:
    1. Download all SVM image files from the Kaspersky website.
    2. Make sure the SVM images are received from a trusted source (for more information about validating the SVM image, refer to the application page in the Knowledge Base).
    3. Place all SVM image files in the same folder on a network resource that is accessible over the HTTP or HTTPS protocol. For example, you can publish SVM images on the Kaspersky Security Center Web Server.
  • Make sure that one of the supported Kaspersky Security Center versions is installed, or upgrade Kaspersky Security Center to one of the supported versions.

    For Kaspersky Security Center update instructions, see the Kaspersky Security Center documentation.

  • Make sure that the ports required for application operation are open in the settings of the network equipment or software used for traffic monitoring.
  • Make sure that you have configured the settings of the accounts that are required for installation and operation of the application.
  • If you are planning to use network data storage for SVMs, create a network folder for hosting the network data storage and a user account for connecting SVMs. Network data storage is used for storing backup copies of files that have been moved to Backups on SVMs.

    An SMB network folder accessible via the SMBv3 protocol is required for network data storage. The amount of space necessary for the network data storage can be estimated based on the following formula: (N+1) GB, where N is the number of SVMs that connect to the network data storage.

The application upgrade procedure depends on the type of VMware NSX Manager used in your infrastructure: VMware NSX-T Manager or VMware NSX-V Manager. The following application upgrade options are available:

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