Configuring NSX Groups in the infrastructure managed by VMware NSX-T Manager

13 December 2023

ID 203984

Include all virtual machines that you want to protect by Kaspersky Security in one or several NSX Groups.

To configure an NSX Group:

  1. In VMware NSX Manager Web Console, in the InventoryGroups section, click the Add Group button.
  2. Enter the name of the new NSX Group (for example, Kaspersky Security Group or Protected by Kaspersky).
  3. Click the Set Members link to open the Select Members window, configure the rules for adding virtual machines to the group and save your changes (the Apply button).

    Virtual machines can be added to NSX Groups using the following methods:

    • Adding virtual machines to the NSX Group dynamically. The group includes all virtual machines that meet these criteria.
    • Adding the specified virtual machines to the NSX Group.
  4. Save the group (the Save button).

For more details on configuring NSX Groups, refer to the VMware product documentation and the Knowledge base.

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