About managing the application

13 December 2023

ID 60209

Kaspersky Security is administered by Kaspersky Security Center, the remote centralized Kaspersky application administration system.

The Kaspersky Security administration plug-in for tenants provides the interface for managing the Kaspersky Security application through Kaspersky Security Center. The administration plug-in must be installed on the computer where the Kaspersky Security Center Administration Console is installed.

Kaspersky Security is managed through policies and tasks.

A policy is a group of settings used by SVMs to protect virtual machines within the protected infrastructure. Each policy contains one or multiple protection profiles. Protection profiles let you configure the settings for file protection of virtual machines.

Tasks are run on SVMs and let you scan virtual machines.

Kaspersky Security sends the Kaspersky Security Center Administration Server information about all events that occur during anti-virus protection and scanning of virtual machines, as well as information about events that occur when preventing intrusions and scanning web addresses. You can receive notifications about events and view them in Kaspersky Security Center.

For detailed information about working with events, policies and tasks, please refer to the Kaspersky Security Center documentation.

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