Working with the tenant virtual machine protection report

13 December 2023

ID 204565

You can obtain information about protection of tenants' virtual machines using the report that is available on the Integration Server.

The tenant protection report is generated based on the information from the Integration Server database about the time intervals when tenant virtual machines were protected by Kaspersky Security. By default, this information is not saved in the Integration Server database. If you want to receive tenant protection reports, enable the report data retention in the Integration Server configuration file.

If report data retention is enabled, the default data retention period is three months. After that, information about the tenant virtual machines protection periods is automatically deleted from the Integration Server database. You can change the retention period.

After you have enabled data retention for the reports, you can download the tenant protection reports. You can include in the report all data stored in the Integration Server database, or select the data you need; for example, information about the protection of virtual machines of the specified tenant, information for the specified reporting period.

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Configuring data retention for tenant protection reports

Uploading tenant protection reports

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