About Kaspersky Security tasks

13 December 2023

ID 60077

It is recommended to use the following types of tasks for managing Kaspersky Security through Kaspersky Security Center:

  • Group task – a task that is performed on the client devices of the selected administration group. For Kaspersky Security, group tasks can be run on SVMs of one KSC cluster or on all SVMs.
  • Task for specific devices. A task for one or more SVMs regardless of whether or not they are included in an administration group.

For more information about managing tasks, see Kaspersky Security Center manuals.

The following tasks are available for Kaspersky Security:

  • Full and Custom Scan tasks, which let you scan all or just the specified virtual machines within the task scope.
  • Service tasks, which let you activate the application, update the application databases, roll back updates, and install application patches.

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