Configuring notification settings

13 December 2023

ID 61899

To configure notifications about events:

  1. In the Kaspersky Security Center Administration Console, open the properties of the policy that determines the SVM operation settings:
    1. In the console tree, select the folder or administration group in which the policy was created.
    2. In the workspace, select the Policies tab.
    3. Select a policy in the list of policies and double-click the policy to open the Properties: <Policy name> window.
  2. In the policy properties window, select the Event configuration section.
  3. Select the tab with the name of the level of importance of events for which you want to receive notifications:
    • Critical.
    • Error.
    • Warning.
    • Info.
  4. Select the event types for which you want to receive notifications:
    • Use the SHIFT and CTRL keys if you want to select multiple event types.
    • Click the Select all button if you want to select all event types.
  5. Click the Properties button.

    The Properties of <N events> window opens, where N is the number of event types selected.

  6. In the Event registration section, select the Store in the Administration Server database for (days) check box. Kaspersky Security sends the events of the selected types to the Administration Server of Kaspersky Security Center.

    In the text box, specify the number of days for which you want to store events on the Administration Server. Kaspersky Security Center deletes events after this time has elapsed.

  7. In the Event notifications section, select the method of notification:
    • Notify by email
    • Notify by SMS
    • Notify by running executable or script
    • Notify by SNMP
  8. In the Properties <N events> window, click OK.
  9. In the Properties: <Policy name> window, click OK.

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