Restricting the list of recipients of SVM status information

13 December 2023

ID 71367

You can restrict the list of IP addresses to which the SNMP Agent relays SVM status information to prevent unauthorized access to the SNMP service.

To create a list of IP addresses to which SVM status information is relayed:

  1. In the Kaspersky Security Center Administration Console, open the properties of the policy that determines the SVM operation settings:
    1. In the console tree, select the folder or administration group in which the policy was created.
    2. In the workspace, select the Policies tab.
    3. Select a policy in the list of policies and double-click the policy to open the Properties: <Policy name> window.
  2. In the policy properties window, select the SNMP monitoring settings section.
  3. Select the Enable SNMP monitoring of the SVM status check box if SNMP monitoring is disabled.
  4. Select the Transmit information only to indicated IP addresses check box.
  5. Click the Add button or press the INSERT key and enter an IP address in IPv4 format or an IP subnet addresses as follows: <IP address in IPv4 format>/<subnet mask prefix length>.
  6. In the Properties: <Policy name> window, click OK.

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