Obtaining protection status information

13 December 2023

ID 186132

Kaspersky Security components installed on SVMs relay service messages (events) containing information about application operation to the Kaspersky Security Center Administration Server. Information about events is saved in the Administration Server database.

Event importance levels are of the following types:

  • Critical event. A critical event indicates the occurrence of a critical problem that may lead to data loss, an operational malfunction, or a critical error. It may indicate problems in the operation of Kaspersky Security or vulnerabilities in the protection of virtual machines.
  • Error. This event indicates the occurrence of a serious problem, error or malfunction that occurred during operation of the application or while performing a procedure.
  • Warning. This event requires attention because it emphasizes important situations in the operation of Kaspersky Security and may indicate a possible issue in the future.
  • Info. This event informs about successful completion of an operation, proper functioning of the application, or completion of a procedure.

You can view information from the Administration Server database in the workspace of the Administration Server <Server name> node on the Events tab.

Information on the Events tab is presented as a list of event selections. Each selection includes only events of a specific type. For example, the "Device status is Critical" selection contains only records about changes of device statuses to "Critical". The Events tab contains a number of standard event selections. You can create additional (custom) event selections and export event information to a file. For more information about event filtering, see Kaspersky Security Center documentation.

A notification is a message containing information about an event. Notifications keep the user informed about application events in a timely manner. To select the method used for notifications about events and to configure other event notification settings, you need to contact your anti-virus protection provider.

For detailed information on events and notifications, see the Kaspersky Security Center documentation.

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