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13 December 2023

ID 83475

Kaspersky Security can assign the security tags to protected virtual machines:

If viruses or other malware is detected on the virtual machine, Kaspersky Security assigns the ANTI_VIRUS.VirusFound.threat=high security tag to the virtual machine.

The assigned ANTI_VIRUS.VirusFound.threat=high security tag is automatically removed if no viruses or other malware are detected when a scan task is executed on the virtual machine.

If Kaspersky Security is installed in the infrastructure managed by VMware NSX-V Manager, Kaspersky Security can also assign the IDS_IPS.threat=high security tag to the virtual machines. The tag is assigned to a virtual machine whose traffic displayed activity typical of network attacks or activity that may be a sign of an intrusion into the protected infrastructure. The IDS_IPS.threat=high security tag can be manually removed.

You can view the security tags assigned to the virtual machine in the properties of the virtual machine:

  • In the VMware vSphere Client console, in the Hosts and Clusters section of the Summary tab.
  • In VMware NSX Manager web console, in the InventoryVirtual Machines section.

You can manually assign or remove security tags (for details, please refer to the Knowledge Base).

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