Participating in Kaspersky Security Network

13 December 2023

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To enhance the protection of virtual machines, Kaspersky Security can use data received from Kaspersky users all over the world. Kaspersky Security Network is designed to collect such data.

Kaspersky Security Network (KSN) is an infrastructure of cloud services providing access to Kaspersky online knowledge base with information about the reputation of files, web resources, and software. Data from Kaspersky Security Network ensures faster response by Kaspersky Security to unknown threats, improves the performance of some protection components, and reduces the risk of false positive.

If you are participating in Kaspersky Security Network, KSN services provide Kaspersky Security with information about the category and reputation of scanned files.

The following types of KSN are differentiated depending on the location of the infrastructure:

  • Global KSN – the infrastructure is hosted by Kaspersky servers.
  • Private KSN. This infrastructure is located within the corporate network or hosted by third-party servers of the service provider, such as on the Internet service provider's network.

The KSN mode (standard KSN or extended KSN) affects the amount of data that is automatically transmitted to Kaspersky when KSN is being used. Kaspersky Security automatically sends information about KSN usage to Kaspersky, and may send other information depending on the KSN usage mode. If KSN is being used in extended mode, you agree to automatically send Kaspersky all the data listed in the Kaspersky Security Network Statement. Files (or parts thereof) that could be exploited by hackers to harm the virtual machine or data stored in its operating system may also be sent to Kaspersky for analysis.

You can view the text of the Kaspersky Security Network Statement in the policy properties in the KSN settings section.

For information about the storage, protection and destruction of statistical information that is obtained during the use of KSN and transmitted to Kaspersky, please refer to the Privacy Policy on the Kaspersky website.

Information about which KSN mode and type are being used by Kaspersky Security can be obtained from the anti-virus protection provider. KSN usage settings are determined by the policy of the provider.

Participation in Kaspersky Security Network is voluntary. The decision to participate in Kaspersky Security Network is made during the creation of a Kaspersky Security policy, and this decision can be changed at any time.

KSN is used by Kaspersky Security only if you have accepted the terms of the Kaspersky Security Network Statement and the anti-virus protection provider has enabled the use of KSN.

In this section:

Viewing the Kaspersky Security Network Statement

Enabling and disabling use of Kaspersky Security Network

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