Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 for Windows

Configuring scan task settings

22 December 2022

ID 40783

To configure scan task settings, you can perform the following:

  • Change the security level.

    You can select one of the preset security levels or manually configure security level settings. If you change the security level settings, you can always revert back to the recommended security level settings.

  • Change the action that Kaspersky Endpoint Security performs if it detects an infected file.
  • Edit the scan scope.

    You can expand or restrict the scan scope by adding or removing scan objects, or by changing the type of files to be scanned.

  • Optimize scanning.

    You can optimize file scanning: reduce scan time and increase the operating speed of Kaspersky Endpoint Security. This can be achieved by scanning only new files and those files that have been modified since the previous scan. This mode applies both to simple and to compound files. You can also set a limit for scanning a single file. When the specified time interval expires, Kaspersky Endpoint Security excludes the file from the current scan (except archives and objects that include several files).

    You can also enable the use of the iChecker and iSwift technologies. These technologies optimize the speed of scanning files, by excluding files that have not been modified since the most recent scan.

  • Configure scanning of compound files.
  • Configure the use of scan methods.

    When active, Kaspersky Endpoint Security uses signature analysis. During signature analysis, Kaspersky Endpoint Security matches the detected object with records in its database. Following the recommendations of Kaspersky's experts, signature analysis is always enabled.

    To increase the effectiveness of protection, you can use heuristic analysis. During heuristic analysis, Kaspersky Endpoint Security analyzes the activity of objects in the operating system. Heuristic analysis can detect malicious objects for which there are currently no records in the Kaspersky Endpoint Security database.

  • Select the scan task run mode.

    If it is impossible to run the scan task for any reason (for example, the computer is off at that time), you can configure the skipped task to be run automatically as soon as this becomes possible.

    You can postpone the scan task start after application startup if you have selected the By schedule update task run mode and the Kaspersky Endpoint Security startup time matches the scan task run schedule. The scan task can only be run after the specified time interval elapses after the startup of Kaspersky Endpoint Security.

  • Configure the scan task to run under a different user account.
  • Specify the settings for scanning removable drives when they are connected.

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Starting a scan task under the account of a different user

Scanning removable drives when they are connected to the computer

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