Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 for Windows

Configuring File Anti-Virus

22 December 2022

ID 128009

You can do the following to configure File Anti-Virus:

  • Change the security level.

    You can select one of the preset security levels or manually configure security level settings. If you change the security level settings, you can always revert back to the recommended security level settings.

  • Change the action that is performed by File Anti-Virus on detection of an infected file.
  • Edit the protection scope of File Anti-Virus.

    You can expand or restrict the protection scope by adding or removing scan objects, or by changing the type of files to be scanned.

  • Configure Heuristic Analyzer.

    File Anti-Virus uses a technique that is called signature analysis. During signature analysis, File Anti-Virus matches the detected object with records in its antivirus databases of the application. Following the recommendations of Kaspersky's experts, signature analysis is always enabled.

    To increase the effectiveness of protection, you can use heuristic analysis. During heuristic analysis, File Anti-Virus analyzes the activity of objects in the operating system. Heuristic analysis enables detection of malicious objects for which no records are currently available in the antivirus databases of the application.

  • Optimize scanning.

    You can optimize the file scanning that is performed by File Anti-Virus, reducing the scan time and increasing the operating speed of Kaspersky Endpoint Security. This can be achieved by scanning only new files and those files that have been modified since the previous scan. This mode applies both to simple and to compound files.

    You can also enable the use of the iChecker and iSwift technologies that optimize the speed of file scanning by excluding files that have not been modified since the most recent scan.

  • Configure scanning of compound files.
  • Change the file scan mode.

In this section:

Changing the security level

Changing the File Anti-Virus action to take on infected files

Editing the protection scope of File Anti-Virus

Using Heuristic Analyzer with File Anti-Virus

Using scan technologies in the operation of File Anti-Virus

Optimizing file scanning

Scanning compound files

Changing the scan mode

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