Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 for Windows

Managing Authentication Agent

22 December 2022

ID 133643

If system hard drives are encrypted, the Authentication Agent loads before startup of the operating system. Use the Authentication Agent to complete authentication for obtaining access to encrypted system hard drives and load the operating system.

After successful completion of the authentication procedure, the operating system loads. The authentication process is repeated every time the operating system restarts.

The user may be unable to pass authentication in some cases. For example, authentication is impossible if the user has forgotten the account credentials of the Authentication Agent account or the password to the token or smart card, or has lost the token or smart card.

If the user has forgotten the Authentication Agent account credentials or the password from a token or smart card, you must contact the corporate LAN administrator to recover them.

If a user has lost a token or smart card, the administrator must add the file of a token or smart card electronic certificate to the command for creating an Authentication Agent account. Then the user must complete the procedure for restoring data on encrypted devices.

In this section:

Using a token and smart card with Authentication Agent

Editing Authentication Agent help messages

Limited support for characters in Authentication Agent help messages

Selecting the Authentication Agent trace level

Managing Authentication Agent accounts

Adding a command for creating an Authentication Agent account

Adding an Authentication Agent account editing command

Adding a command for deleting an Authentication Agent account

Restoring Authentication Agent account credentials

Responding to a user request to restore Authentication Agent account credentials

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