Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 for Windows

Installing the application by using the Setup Wizard

22 December 2022

ID 141289

The interface of the application Setup Wizard consists of a sequence of windows corresponding to the application installation steps. You can navigate between the Setup Wizard pages by using the Back and Next buttons. To close the Setup Wizard after it completes its task, click the Terminate button. To stop the Setup Wizard at any stage, click the Cancel button.

To install the application or upgrade the application from a previous version by using the Setup Wizard:

  1. Run the setup.exe file included in the distribution kit.

    The Setup Wizard starts.

  2. Follow the instructions of the Setup Wizard.

When the setup.exe file is launched, Kaspersky Endpoint Security checks the computer for any incompatible software. By default, upon detection of incompatible software the installation process is aborted and the list of applications incompatible with Kaspersky Endpoint Security appears on the screen. To continue installation, remove these applications from the computer.

In this section:

Step 1. Making sure that the computer meets installation requirements

Step 2. Welcome page of the installation procedure

Step 3. Viewing the License Agreement

Step 4. Selecting the installation type

Step 5. Selecting application components to install

Step 6. Selecting the destination folder

Step 7. Adding exclusions from virus scanning

Step 8. Preparing for application installation

Step 9. Installing the application

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