Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 for Windows

Collecting information for Technical Support

22 December 2022

ID 128165

After you inform Kaspersky Technical Support specialists about your issue, they may ask you to create a trace file. The trace file allows you to trace the process of performing application commands step by step and determine the stage of application operation at which an error occurs.

Technical Support specialists may also require additional information about the operating system, processes that are running on the computer, detailed reports on the operation of application components, and application crash dumps.

You can collect the necessary information with the help of Kaspersky Endpoint Security. The collected information can be saved on the hard drive and uploaded later when most convenient for you.

While running diagnostics, Technical Support experts may ask you to change application settings by:

  • Activating the functionality that gathers extended diagnostic information.
  • Fine-tuning the settings of individual application components, which are not available via standard user interface elements.
  • Changing the settings for storage and transmission of diagnostic information that is gathered.
  • Configuring the interception and logging of network traffic.

Technical Support experts will provide all the information needed to perform these operations (description of the sequence of steps, settings to be modified, configuration files, scripts, additional command line functionality, debugging modules, special-purpose utilities, etc.) and inform you about the scope of data gathered for purposes of debugging. The extended diagnostic information gathered is saved on the user's computer. Data that has been gathered is not automatically transmitted to Kaspersky.

The settings used to determine the address of the dump server for sending dump files to Kaspersky are stored on the user's computer. If required, the values of these settings can be edited in the operating system registry key "DumpServerConfigUrl"="https://dmpcfg.kaspersky-labs.com/dumpserver/config.xml".

The operations listed above should be performed only under the supervision of Technical Support specialists by following their instructions. Unsupervised changes to application settings performed in ways other than those described in the Administrator's Guide or instructions of Technical Support specialists can slow down or crash the operating system, affect computer security, or compromise the availability and integrity of data being processed.

In this section:

Creating a trace file

Contents and storage of trace files

Enabling or disabling transmission of dump files and trace files to Kaspersky

Sending files to the Technical Support server

Enabling and disabling protection of dump files and trace files

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