Activating the subscription for Kaspersky app

28 September 2023

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The option of purchasing a subscription for Kaspersky app in Google Play is currently unavailable for users in Russia. This is due to the pausing of Google Play's billing system for users in Russia. If you are in Russia, you can purchase a yearly subscription on the Kaspersky website. We are currently working on other purchase options and will keep you updated. Thank you for staying with us!

To use all functions of the app, you can start a trial or buy and activate the subscription for Kaspersky app.

You must have an internet connection to buy and activate the subscription.

If you already have a subscription, you can do one of the following to activate it:

  • Use a subscription detected for your My Kaspersky account.

    You must connect the app to My Kaspersky to use this option.

  • Enter an activation code received from your service provider or when buying a subscription.

You can activate the subscription on first startup or at any time afterward.

We recommend that you sign in to My Kaspersky before purchasing or renewing your subscription. If you are signed in to your My Kaspersky account, the app can check if there is a purchased subscription that you can use to activate the app.

Purchase a subscription from Google Play

Activate the app using a subscription detected for your My Kaspersky account

Activate the subscription using an activation code

Depending on the device you use, you may be offered additional options for activating the subscription. For example, the users of pre-installed version of Kaspersky app on Samsung devices in Russia may also manage their subscription in their Softline accounts.

While using the app under a subscription, you can add another activation code on My Kaspersky before the current subscription expires or is cancelled or revoked. Note that it's not possible to add another activation code in the Kaspersky app before the previous one expires.

If you want to use an activation code different from the one currently used in the Kaspersky app, you need to re-install the app to enter the new code. This doesn’t apply to renewal codes.

On Samsung devices with pre-installed Kaspersky app, you can purchase, renew and manage your subscription in your Softline account.

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