Activating the unlimited version of Kaspersky VPN

28 September 2023

ID 183845

You can use your My Kaspersky account to switch to the unlimited version of Kaspersky VPN. In this case, your unlimited version subscription is associated with your My Kaspersky account.

If you do not have a My Kaspersky account, there is no need to create it right away. You can switch to the unlimited version of Kaspersky VPN, without having a My Kaspersky account, directly from the app. You can associate your unlimited version subscription with your My Kaspersky account later, if you want.

To switch to the unlimited version:

  1. Open VPN.
  2. In the lower part of the window, tap Upgrade.

    Swipe through the screens with the feature descriptions and continue to get the unlimited version.

  3. Select a monthly or annual subscription.

    The Google Play window will open in the app.

  4. Confirm the purchase.

    The subscription details will be updated on all of your devices that use Kaspersky VPN as well as on My Kaspersky.

    You can view subscription details in the account info section of the app.

When buying an auto-renewable subscription on Google Play, there is a short evaluation period during which you can use Kaspersky VPN for free. This period can be granted only once.

If you cancel your subscription during the evaluation period, you can use app features for free only until the end of the evaluation period.

When the free period expires, the app will automatically continue to use the unlimited subscription and you will be charged automatically every billing period. The charge will be automatically collected from your account by Google Play.

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