Supported browsers

28 September 2023

ID 71828

Safe Browsing only checks websites in Google Chrome and Firefox.

This feature may also work with pre-installed browsers of some devices, for example Samsung Internet on a Samsung device and Huawei Browser on Huawei devices. Other browsers are not supported.

To use Safe Browsing while browsing the internet, set Google Chrome or Firefox as your default browser.

When Safe Browsing is enabled, it automatically checks the default browser. If one of the supported browsers is not set as the current default, the app prompts you to change the default browser to a supported one.

If you do not want to change your default browser, launch one of the supported browsers separately to safely use your personal data on the internet. You can start a supported browser from Kaspersky app All Features section by tapping Safe Browsing > Open browser or by tapping the browser app in your device's app menu.

On Huawei devices without Google services, set Huawei Browser as your default browser to use Safe Browsing.

How to set the default browser

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