Unlimited version of Kaspersky VPN

28 September 2023

ID 140375

When using the limited version:

  • You can use a limited amount of secure traffic per day.
  • You can't select the virtual server. The virtual server is selected automatically.

When using the unlimited version:

  • You can use an unlimited daily amount of secure traffic on several devices connected to one My Kaspersky account, regardless of the device platform (Android or iOS). If you purchased a subscription in the app, you can use it on your other devices as well. On My Kaspersky, you can choose the devices, where you want to use the unlimited version. For details, see My Kaspersky help.
  • You can select any virtual server and appear to the internet as a visitor from any country on the list.

To use the unlimited version, you must purchase a subscription to Kaspersky VPN. You can purchase or renew a subscription from the app.

A connection to My Kaspersky is necessary to activate and use the unlimited version.

Your My Kaspersky account details include the number of days remaining before your subscription expires. See the section "Viewing information about subscriptions".

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