Call Filter

28 September 2023

ID 71859

Call Filter lets you block unwanted calls, for example, calls from telemarketers. The app filters calls by using a contact denylist that you create. Your number appears busy to unwanted contacts.

Kaspersky is currently improving the spam protection feature in its products. If you use the Call Filter feature in Russia, Indonesia, and the Republic of Kazakhstan, you can help Kaspersky detect spammers. To do this, please agree to send statistics on your calls when you first start Call Filter or later in About > Statement Regarding Data Processing in Order to Improve Recognition of Unwanted Calls (Spam) in Kaspersky Lab Products.

To start using the Call Filter feature, add unwanted contacts and numbers to your denylist. Then turn on filtering and set up an after-call prompt if needed.

The Call Filter feature doesn't work on tablets that have no SIM card slot or no mobile calling options.

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Managing your denylist

Configuring filtering

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