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28 September 2023

ID 182994

The option of purchasing a subscription for Kaspersky app in Google Play is currently unavailable for users in Russia. This is due to the pausing of Google Play's billing system for users in Russia. If you are in Russia, you can purchase a yearly subscription on the Kaspersky website. We are currently working on other purchase options and will keep you updated. Thank you for staying with us!

A subscription is the purchase of the right to use the application according to specific parameters (for example, subscription expiration date, number of devices). You can order a subscription from a service provider, for example, Google Play, Huawei AppGallery or another online store. You can manage your subscription via your personal account in the provider's services. The steps for managing your subscription depend on your provider. For example, here are the instructions for Google Play and Huawei.

When you subscribe, you may be offered a reduced price for some time. This discount may be granted only once and only applies to the specified period. After this period ends, you will be charged the normal subscription fee for the plan you have chosen.

To use Kaspersky app under a subscription, you may need to sign in to My Kaspersky in the Kaspersky app and activate the subscription.

A subscription can be renewed automatically or manually. An auto-renewed subscription automatically renews at the end of each subscription period until you cancel it (as long as timely prepayment has been made to your service provider). A manually renewed subscription must be renewed at the end of each subscription period.

When a subscription expires, you might be granted a grace period, during which the application remains fully functional. If you don't renew the subscription within the grace period, the Kaspersky app will switch to the limited version.

Depending on the subscription provider, the set of available subscription management options may vary. In addition, you may not be provided with a grace period to renew your subscription.

To cancel your subscription, contact the service provider from whom you purchased Kaspersky app.

Ordering a subscription for Kaspersky app for Android does not cancel your other subscriptions that include Kaspersky app for Android. To avoid additional charges, make sure you have canceled or disabled autorenewal for subscriptions that you don't need.

Cancel a subscription for Kaspersky app for Android or switch to manual renewal:

  1. Go to your personal account page on the service provider's website.
  2. Check if there are any active subscriptions that include Kaspersky app.
  3. Cancel or disable autorenewal for subscriptions that you don't need.

Trial subscription. When you buy an auto-renewable subscription, you may be granted a trial period during which you can use all app features for free. This trial period may be granted only once.

If you buy the subscription in the Google Play store or Huawei store, when the trial period expires, the Google Play store or Huawei store will automatically charge you according to the subscription you chose.

If you cancel your subscription during the trial period, you can use all app features for free only until the end of the trial period.

The trial period and subscription auto-renewal may be unavailable in the territory of India.

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