Sources of information about the app

28 September 2023

ID 152939

The Kaspersky app page on the Kaspersky website

On this page, you can view general information about the app, its functions and features.

Kaspersky app page contains a link to the online store. There you can purchase the app or renew your subscription.

Information about Kaspersky app in the Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base is a section on the Customer Service website.

On this page, you will find articles that provide useful information, advice, and answers to frequently asked questions on how to purchase, install, and use the app.

Knowledge Base articles can answer questions relating not only to Kaspersky app but also to other Kaspersky apps. Knowledge Base articles can also include Customer Service news.

Discuss Kaspersky applications on Kaspersky Support Forum

If your question does not require an immediate answer, you can discuss it with Kaspersky experts and other users on our Forum.

On the Forum, you can view discussion topics, post your comments, and create new discussion topics.

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