Links in instant messages

28 September 2023

ID 207046

Safe Messaging checks links you receive in instant messages via WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram and Google Hangouts.

When you receive a link to a malicious or spoofed website in an instant message, the app will block this link and show you an alert window in the browser.

Safe Messaging only blocks links in Google Chrome. To protect yourself from dangerous links in instant messages, set Google Chrome as your default browser.

This feature may also work with pre-installed browsers of some devices, for example Samsung Internet on a Samsung device. Other browsers are not supported.

To block dangerous links received in messengers:

  1. On the Kaspersky app bottom tab bar, tap All Features.
  2. Tap Safe Messaging.
  3. Tap Check links in instant messages.
  4. Set the Block dangerous links switch to ON.

    Kaspersky app will block links to malicious or spoofed websites that you receive in instant messages.

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