Kaspersky CyberTrace

Viewing tasks

27 February 2024

ID 207983

To keep you informed about the current status and usage of Kaspersky CyberTrace, Kaspersky CyberTrace provides you with information about running tasks.

In Kaspersky CyberTrace, there are two types of tasks:

  • Tasks launched by a user (on demand tasks).
  • Tasks launched by Kaspersky CyberTrace (scheduled background tasks).

As a user without administrator rights, you have access only to the tasks that you have launched.

As Administrator, you have access to all tasks launched by all users, as well as scheduled background tasks. You can identify the type of a task by looking at its Name property: For scheduled background tasks, CyberTrace is displayed.

As Administrator, you have access to the following information about scheduled background tasks:

  • Regular feeds update.
  • Calculation of overlap between the suppliers used in Kaspersky CyberTrace (suppliers intersections).
  • Regular retrospective scan.
  • Regular update of the indicators export.

Kaspersky CyberTrace displays running tasks and finished tasks separately, and you can switch between them by using the Running / Finished element at the top of the page.

Each task in the list includes the following information:

  • State of each task (in progress / success / failure / canceled).

    The Administrator can disable the display of the state of scheduled tasks.

  • Date and time when a task was launched.
  • Name of the user who launched a task.
  • Date and time when a task was finished.

You can sort the list by clicking the column headers.

Kaspersky CyberTrace updates the list every second and stores information about each task for seven days.

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