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27 February 2024

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This section describes the licensing levels of Kaspersky CyberTrace.

Commercial licensing levels and Community Edition

The Kaspersky CyberTrace licensing policy provides two licensing types:

  • Community Edition

    This is a limited licensing level where Kaspersky CyberTrace can be used without a license key. This licensing level does not have an expiration date.

    If no license key is installed, the Community Edition licensing level is used.

    The Community Edition licensing level has the following limitations:

    • Multi-user mode is not available. Kaspersky CyberTrace has a single account with the Administrator role that can perform all operations.
    • No more than 250 events per second are processed.
    • No more than 1,000,000 records can be loaded from all feeds.
  • Commercial licensing levels

    These licensing levels are available with a license key and are suited for different enterprise scenarios.

    License keys are created by Kaspersky specialists. To obtain a license key, contact your Technical Account Manager (TAM).

Information contained in the license key

A license key is a sequence of bits that you can apply to use a certain licensing level of Kaspersky CyberTrace.

A license key contains the following information:

  • Licensing level
  • Expiration date
  • Limit on events per second (EPS)
  • Limit on the total number of indicators that can be loaded from Kaspersky Threat Data Feeds

In addition, a license key lists available features: the Search feature, use of third-party feeds, multi-user mode, multitenancy mode, and IOCs export.

License keys are stored in the %service_dir%/httpsrv/lic directory. You can manage license keys by using the Settings > Licensing tab.

When a license key expires or is about to expire, Kaspersky CyberTrace displays the notifications and sends the alert events.

Active and additional license keys

A license key may be active or additional.

An active license key is a license key that is currently used by Kaspersky CyberTrace. Kaspersky CyberTrace cannot have more than one active license key.

An additional license key is a license key that is not currently in use. The additional license key automatically becomes active when the current active license key expires. An additional license key can be added only if an active license key has already been added.

Kaspersky CyberTrace chooses an active license key to use, based on the expiration date of the license key. If there is a single license key that has not expired, this key is used as an active key. If there are several license keys that have not expired, the license key with the nearest expiration date is chosen. If all keys have expired, the Community Edition licensing level is used.

Licensing and DMZ

Kaspersky CyberTrace does not send any licensing information to Kaspersky. Licensing functionality works in scenarios involving a DMZ.

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