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Feed > ActionableFields

27 February 2024

ID 198875

Defines the fields that must be inserted into the outgoing events apart from the context. An outgoing event contains context and actionable fields.


Feeds > Feed > ActionableFields


This element has no attributes.

Nested elements

This element is a container for the following nested element:

ActionableFields > ActionableField

Defines a single actionable field.

This element has the following attributes:

ActionableField element attributes




The name of the field as it is used in the feed


Contains the name of the field as it will be inserted into outgoing events.

If the output_name attribute is omitted or contains an empty value, the field name in the outgoing event will be the same as the field name specified in the feed.


The following is an example of this element.


<ActionableField name="information" output_name="cs4"/>

<ActionableField name="threat" output_name="cs3"/>


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