Kaspersky CyberTrace

About custom, third-party, and Kaspersky feeds

27 February 2024

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This section describes the feeds available in Kaspersky CyberTrace.

About Kaspersky feeds

Kaspersky Threat Data Feeds are available for Kaspersky CyberTrace. Kaspersky CyberTrace naturally integrates Kaspersky Threat Data Feeds, providing thoroughly vetted threat indicator data.

About custom and third-party feeds

Custom and third-party feeds are feeds that you can add to Kaspersky CyberTrace.

The addition or deletion of third-party feeds, or turning on the use of OSINT feeds, can be disabled due to restrictions imposed by the licensing level. In this case, the form for adding a custom or third-party feed can be disabled.

Encoding of custom and third-party feeds

All custom or third-party feeds that you add to Kaspersky CyberTrace must be in UTF-8 encoding. If your custom or third-party feeds have a different encoding, make sure to convert them to UTF-8. You can add custom feeds that contain subnet masks of Class C networks. These feeds can be used in the matching process, by marking the feed field as IP.

Certificates and demo feeds

Kaspersky CyberTrace downloads and updates Kaspersky Threat Data Feeds that are available with the current certificate. With the default certificate, only demo feeds are available.

If you use demo feeds, a notification pops up when you select the SettingsFeeds tab. This notification states that you use Kaspersky demo feeds and provides information on how to purchase commercial feeds that have a higher level of protection. The Request access to all feeds link in the notification redirects you to the Request Kaspersky Threat Intelligence form, where you can subscribe to Kaspersky Threat Intelligence Portal and get commercial feeds.

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