Kaspersky CyberTrace

Uninstalling Kaspersky CyberTrace (Windows)

27 February 2024

ID 174919

This section contains the uninstallation procedures for Kaspersky CyberTrace on Windows. After you uninstall Kaspersky CyberTrace, remove objects related to it from your SIEM solution.

Uninstalling Kaspersky CyberTrace (executable installer)

The following procedure describes how to uninstall the copy of Kaspersky CyberTrace that was installed by using the executable installer.

To uninstall Kaspersky CyberTrace:

  1. Run the executable installer of Kaspersky CyberTrace.

    The Kaspersky CyberTrace Setup Wizard starts.

  2. Click Remove.
  3. Follow the Wizard instructions.

Actions in case of error during uninstallation

If you encountered an error during uninstallation, contact your Technical Account Manager (TAM) for more information on solutions to the problem.

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