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14 April 2024

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The section contains information about the purpose of Kaspersky Security Center, its main features and components, and ways to purchase Kaspersky Security Center.

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Kaspersky Security Center is designed for centralized execution of basic administration and maintenance tasks on an organization's network. The application provides the administrator access to detailed information about the organization's network security level; it allows configuring all the components of protection built using Kaspersky applications.

Kaspersky Security Center is an application aimed at corporate network administrators and employees responsible for protection of devices in a wide range of organizations.

Using Kaspersky Security Center, you can do the following:

  • Create a hierarchy of Administration Servers to manage the organization's network, as well as networks at remote offices or client organizations.

    The client organization is an organization whose anti-virus protection is ensured by the service provider.

  • Create a hierarchy of administration groups to manage a selection of client devices as a whole.
  • Manage an anti-virus protection system built based on Kaspersky applications.
  • Create images of operating systems and deploy them on client devices over the network, as well as perform remote installation of applications by Kaspersky and other software vendors.
  • Remotely manage applications by Kaspersky and other vendors installed on client devices. Install updates, find and fix vulnerabilities.
  • Perform centralized deployment of license keys for Kaspersky applications to client devices, monitor their use, and renew licenses.
  • Receive statistics and reports about the operation of applications and devices.
  • Receive notifications about critical events during the operation of Kaspersky applications.
  • Manage mobile devices.
  • Manage encryption of information stored on the hard drives of devices and removable drives and users' access to encrypted data.
  • Perform inventory of hardware connected to the organization's network.
  • Centrally manage files moved to Quarantine or Backup by security applications, as well as manage files for which processing by security applications has been postponed.

You can purchase Kaspersky Security Center through Kaspersky (for example, at https://www.kaspersky.com) or through partner companies.

If you purchase Kaspersky Security Center through Kaspersky, you can copy the application from our website. Information that is required for application activation is sent to you by email after your payment is processed.

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