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Extended filter format in report templates

14 April 2024

ID 189575

In Kaspersky Security Center 14.2, you can apply the extended filter format to a report template. The extended filter format provides more flexibility in comparison with the default format. You can create complex filtering conditions by using a set of filters, which will be applied to the report by means of the OR logical operator during report creation, as shown below:

Filter[1](Field[1] AND Field[2]... AND Field[n]) OR Filter[2](Field[1] AND Field[2]... AND Field[n]) OR... Filter[n](Field[1] AND Field[2]... AND Field[n])

Additionally, with the extended filter format you can set a time interval value in a relative time format (for example, by using a "For last N days" condition) for specific fields in a filter. The availability and the set of time interval conditions depend on the type of the report template.

In this section

Converting the filter into the extended format

Configuring the extended filter

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