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8 April 2024

ID 148071

Kaspersky Security Center 14.2 (also referred to as Kaspersky Security Center) Sizing Guide is intended for professionals who install and administer Kaspersky Security Center, as well as for those who provide technical support to organizations that use Kaspersky Security Center.

All recommendations and calculations are given for networks on which Kaspersky Security Center manages the protection of devices with Kaspersky software installed, including mobile devices. If mobile devices, or any other managed devices, are to be considered separately, this is stated specifically.

To obtain and maintain optimum performance under varying operational conditions, you must take into account the number of networked devices, network topology, and set of Kaspersky Security Center features that you require.

This Guide provides the following information:

  • Limitations of Kaspersky Security Center
  • Calculations for the key nodes of Kaspersky Security Center (Administration Servers and distribution points):
    • Hardware requirements for Administration Servers and distribution points
    • Calculation of the number and hierarchy of Administration Servers
    • Calculation of the number and configuration of distribution points
  • Configuration of event logging in the database depending on the number of networked devices
  • Configuration of specific tasks aimed at optimal performance of Kaspersky Security Center
  • Traffic rate (network load) between Kaspersky Security Center Administration Server and every protected device

Consulting this guide is recommended in the following cases:

  • When planning resources prior to Kaspersky Security Center installation
  • When planning significant changes to the scale of the network on which Kaspersky Security Center is deployed
  • When switching from using Kaspersky Security Center within a limited network segment (a test environment) to full-scale deployment of Kaspersky Security Center on the corporate network
  • When making changes to the set of Kaspersky Security Center features used

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