About the subscription

18 March 2024

ID 96676

Subscription for Kaspersky Security for Mobile is an order for using the mobile app with the selected parameters (subscription expiry date, number of mobile devices protected). You can order subscription for Kaspersky Security for Mobile from your service provider (such as your ISP). Subscription can be renewed manually or automatically, or you may cancel your subscription. You can manage your subscription on the website of the service provider.

Subscription can be limited (for example, one-year) or unlimited (with no expiration date). To keep Kaspersky Security for Mobile working after expiry of the limited subscription term, you have to renew your subscription. Unlimited subscription is renewed automatically provided a prepayment to the service provider was timely.

If the subscription is limited, when it expires you may be offered a grace period for renewing the subscription, during which time the apps will retain their functionality. The availability and duration of such grace period are at the discretion of the service provider.

To use Kaspersky Security for Mobile under subscription, you have to apply the activation code received from the service provider. After the activation code is applied, the key is installed for the license for using the application under subscription.

The possible subscription management options may vary with each service provider. The service provider may not offer a subscription renewal grace period during which the apps will retain their functionality.

Activation codes purchased under subscription cannot be used for activating earlier versions of Kaspersky Security for Mobile.

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