Creating a rule for automatically allocating a device to administration groups

17 July 2024

ID 214519

When the Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Android app or the Kaspersky Security for iOS app is installed on mobile devices, they are displayed on the Discovery & deployment > Unassigned devices page of Kaspersky Security Center Web Console or Cloud Console. In order to manage newly connected devices, you can move them to an administration group manually or create a rule for allocating them automatically to administration groups.

To create a rule for automatic allocation of mobile devices to administration groups:

  1. In the main window of Kaspersky Security Center Web Console or Cloud Console, select Discovery & deployment > Deployment & assignment > Moving rules.
  2. In the New rule window that opens, click the Add button.
  3. In the Rule name field, specify the rule name.
  4. In the Administration group field, select the administration group to which mobile devices will be allocated after the app has been installed on them.
  5. In the Apply rule section, select Run once for each device.
  6. Select the Move only devices not added to an administration group check box to prevent the moving of the mobile devices that are allocated to other administration groups when applying the rule.
  7. Select the Enable rule check box, to apply the rule immediately after creating it.

    You can enable the rule at any time later by using the toggle button on the Moving rules page.

  8. Select Rule conditions > Applications and do the following:
    1. Enable the Operating system version toggle button.
    2. In the list of operating systems that opens, select Android or iOS.

    The rule will be applied to the corresponding devices. You must specify at least one condition to create a rule.

  9. Click Save to create the rule.

The newly created rule is displayed on the Moving rules page. According to the rule, Kaspersky Security Center will allocate all newly connected devices to the selected administration group.

For detailed information on administration groups management and actions with unassigned devices:

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