Managing third-party mobile apps

18 March 2024

ID 92963

You can use containers to monitor the activity of mobile applications launched on the user's device. A container is a special shell for mobile apps which makes it possible to control the activity of the containerized app, thereby protecting the user's personal and corporate data on the device.

In Kaspersky Security for Mobile Service Pack 3 Maintenance Release 2, there is no longer support for creating containers for mobile apps. However, containers that were created in earlier versions of the application can be added to Android devices.

You can install a containerized app on the user's device in one of the following ways:

  • By sending the user an email message with a link to the installation package of the containerized app.
  • By specifying a containerized app as a required or allowed app in the App Control section of the policy properties window. After the mobile device is synchronized with Kaspersky Security Center, the app distribution package in the container is automatically copied to the user's device.

To install containerized apps, installation of apps from unknown sources must be allowed on the user's mobile device. To protect your device and data after installing containerized apps, it is recommended to prohibit installation of apps from unknown sources. For details about installing apps without Google Play, please refer to the Android Help Guide.

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