Configuring synchronization settings

17 July 2024

ID 88051

To manage mobile devices and receive reports or statistics from mobile devices of users, you must configure the synchronization settings. Mobile device synchronization with Kaspersky Security Center may be performed in the following ways:

  • By schedule. Synchronization by schedule is performed using the HTTP protocol. You can configure the synchronization schedule in the group policy settings. Modifications to group policy settings, commands and tasks will be performed when the device is synchronizing with Kaspersky Security Center according to the schedule, i.e. with a delay. By default, mobile devices are synchronized with the Kaspersky Security Center automatically every 6 hours.

    On Android 12 or later, the app may perform this task later than specified if the device is in battery saver mode.

  • Forced. Forced synchronization is performed using push notifications of the FCM service (Firebase Cloud Messaging). Forced synchronization is primarily intended for timely delivery of commands to a mobile device. If you want to use forced synchronization, make sure that the GSM settings are configured in Kaspersky Security Center. For more information, refer to Kaspersky Security Center help.

To configure the settings of mobile device synchronization with the Kaspersky Security Center:

  1. In the console tree, in the Managed devices folder, select the administration group to which the Android devices belong.
  2. In the workspace of the group, select the Policies tab.
  3. Open the policy properties window by double-clicking any column.
  4. In the policy Properties window, select the Synchronization section.
  5. Select the frequency of synchronization in the Synchronize drop-down list.
  6. To disable synchronization of a device with Kaspersky Security Center while roaming, select the Do not synchronize while roaming check box.

    The device user can manually perform synchronization in the app settings (ks4android_settings_buttonSettingsSynchronization Synchronize).

  7. To hide synchronization settings (server address, port and administration group) from the user in the app settings, clear the Show synchronization settings on device check box. It is impossible to modify hidden settings.
  8. Click the Apply button to save the changes you have made.

Mobile device settings are configured after the next device synchronization with the Kaspersky Security Center. You can manually synchronize the mobile device by using a special command. To learn more about working with commands for mobile devices, please refer to the Kaspersky Security Center help.

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